Spero Lighting East Inc. is one of the leading distributors of  bulbs, ballasts and Fixtures in New York State. Providing over 10,000 different types of  lamps, ballasts and fixtures to the Commercial, Industrial and Residential Community
Spero Lighting East was established in 1980, and their wide range customer base starts with the guy next door, to the chiropractor down the street, and widening their service and market base to major banks, leading medical facilities, fitness buildings, housing authorities as well as some of the most affluent restaurants on Long Island.

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Spero Lighting East Inc. credits' its success predominantly to its founder  (Mr. Richard K. Frasca) strong belief in service, service and more service. Customers have remarked down through the years of the amazing energy Mr. Frasca employs when meeting the many challenges and demands of the residential, commercial and industrial lighting market.
Mr. Frasca believes in first, listening to the customers' request, after the request has been completely defined the most important part is "getting the job done". It is this driving spirit that has placed Spero Lighting East Inc. in the arena with the best lighting providers in the industry.
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